ZeroLemon 7000mAh Battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3

I have owned a Samsung Galaxy S3 for about 9 months and absolutely love it. My critical apps are Swiftpage ACT!, Handheld Contact, Maps, Google, Uber, Email, Messaging, The Weather Channel and I use thousands of minutes of talk time monthly.  The only thing that frustrates me about this phone and all the others I’ve had is the battery life. I spend quite a bit of time in the mountains where cell coverage can be spotty and find myself running out of a charge in less than a day. I previously carried an external battery charger that I could use on the fly, but it’s a bulky device which is not an elegant solution.

Enter my new ZeroLemon battery for Galaxy S3. I have gone as long as four days without having to recharge the phone. Wow is all I can say about this battery and the case it comes with.  It’s so nice to ALWAYS have a charge!

Setting up the ZeroLemon battery takes some time.  Multiple full charges and depletions are required. I paid $40 for the battery and it seems like a small price to pay for such a boost in battery life.

This battery upgrade has turned my phone in a very dependable device and I highly recommend this product!

John Kaufman

John is a high energy, out-of-the-box thinker who earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Tampa. He has been a sales and marketing professional since 1989 and is the company's primary sales and business development leader. John and his partner, Cheryl Campbell, founded The CRM Connection in 2003. John leads the business development area of the business. In 2008, The CRM Connection earned the #2 Top US ACT! Reseller award. An entrepreneur at heart, John helped successfully grow several startup companies through organic growth and acquisitions while using ACT! to manage his relationships. He was nominated as a finalist for the South Florida Business Journal 'Up and Comer' of the Year in 2000. John is a dynamic presenter who has spoken at a number of client offices nationally and industry conferences, including Sage Software Insights, Mastering ACT!, International Business Brokers Association and the International Management Consultants organization. He is the company's co-lead trainer and together with Elaine Wirth was the ACT! trainer for the national software roll-out for BNP Media, Diner's Club, Geoeye and others.

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