Increase Delivery Rates with SwiftPage

For my clients that use Swiftpage (aka act! E-Marketing), you may notice you may get some bounces from a specific domain such as Earthlink or Yahoo etc.  One free method to solve this is to add a SPF record to your DNS records. Once this is done, you can increase delivery rates with SwiftPage. We’ll show you why and how this works, and it’s free to do this.

You may be asking, “What in the heck does that mean ?”.  I will very briefly explain it; then, show you how to fix it.

ESP (E-mail Service Providers) such as Swiftpage send e-mail using their servers on your behalf.   Your clients’ ISPs and spam filters will detect the ESP’s at work.  Some clients’ filters are setup to reject this because a hacker could use the same technique to spam you as well.

So, a bunch of people (I don’t know who) came up with the SPF record.  The SPF record gets added to your DNS settings so other ISPs know that your ESP is actually legit when sending emails on your behalf.

Here is how you do it.  Your web designer or web hosting company can help you here as well.

  1. For Swiftpage users, click here to request a SPF record.
  2. You will get a line of text to add to your DNS e-mailed back to you from SwiftPage
  3. Add this record to your DNS.  Each website hosting company has their own control panel, but I found instructions for GoDaddy.

Now, your clients’ spam filters will know your domain is tied to your ESP.

Mark Mondo

Since 1997, I helped sales professionals, business owners and customer service professionals get the most out of ACT! and WiredContact software. I started my practice by inheriting a book of clients from a friend of mine when I lived in Atlanta. Since then, I moved back to Chicago. I’ve helped many different companies, including a private equity firm and yoga temple. Yes, one client is a guru of Kriyia Yoga. Certifications: ACT! Certified Consultant, WiredContact Certified Consultant, SwiftPage Drip Marketing Consultant, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Authorized Partner.

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