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Best Price on ACT Software – Contact Your Local CRM Alliance ACT Certified Consultant

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How do you find the best price on ACT software? The List Price of ACT has been stable for many years, but Discounts are frequently offered to give buyers a lower net price.

Historically, ACT! software prices were lowest just before the new annual version was released, in September.   But since ACT is now owned by Swiftpage, and annual releases are a thing of the past, prices tend to vary on a monthly basis. You can almost always find a discount from 5% to 10%. And if you are not in a hurry to purchase ACT, you can wait for a 15% to 25% discount which seem to happen several times a year.  We’ve even seen 30% discounts once or twice per year. When these Discounts occur is controlled solely by the manufacturer, and are pretty unpredictable.  So when you hear of ACT! at a discount, grab it before its gone!

The best place to purchase ACT! software is from your local CRM Alliance Certified ACT! Consultant. They can always give you:

  • the best available ACT! pricing,
  • Technical Support within your Timezone, and
  • insights for deploying and customizing your ACT! software to meet your specialized needs.

One final caution: there have been instances reported of Bootleg/Pirate websites offering “bargain prices” on ACT!, selling invalid license numbers, and obviously, not honoring the standard ACT 30-day money back guarantee. Always look for the Certified ACT! Consultant logo.

Daniel Graves

Daniel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology. He designed and programmed the on-board Spacelab computer systems for NASA for 20 years. Daniel was the first programmer hired by American Healthways to create an Electronic Medical Record database which catapulted the startup company into the Fortune 500 within 6 years. He has been installing and customizing ACT since its Windows inception in 1991 is a Certified Consultant and Premier Trainer for all ACT software.

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