Act! CRM Roadshows

Join us for an Act! CRM Roadshow for local business owners and professionals to see Act! CRM and Act! E-Marketing – improve your sales and marketing!

These events will be taking place in major cities across the United States and Canada.  The shows will focus on best-practices for CRM usage and modern E-marketing strategies enabling businesses to enhance prospect and customer relationships and accelerate their sales results.

These Roadshows will enable you to learn about both Act! CRM and Act! E-marketing platform at the same event. In addition, the Act! Roadshows focus on Act! CRM’s latest release, and will highlight the new features designed to make businesses more efficient, productive and profitable.

These  seminars are designed for new, potential and existing users of Act! CRM software or for those looking to implement CRM or E-Marketing solutions for their business.  All events may include give-aways and exclusive pricing.

Contact your local Act! CRM Consultant for more information for a roadshow event near you.