Act! CRM Consulting Services and Act! E-Marketing Services

Act! Consulting Services and Act! E-Marketing Consulting Services: Installation, Customization, Training and Support

The CRM Alliance’s team of Certified Consultants and Trainer’s are cross-trained in  Act! CRM and Act! E-Marketing solutions. Each Consultant has at least 10 years of experience of working with companies of all industry types and sizes, large or small.  Our expertise will provide you the services needed for a successful CRM and/or E-Marketing solution for your business.

Improve Customer Retention. Increase Sales.

The fastest way to reduce your average sales cycle, increase closing percentages, and increase customer satisfaction is to provide your sales force with a proven, effective, and standardized sales process to follow for every potential sale. On average, it costs from 4 to 10 times as much to find and acquire a new customer as it does to maintain your relationship with an existing one.  Effective CRM and E-marketing solutions, from software installation to targeted training and support, will help you achieve your sales goals and maintain your valuable customer base.

The CRM Alliance offers a complete range of services, from CRM and E-Marketing software installation to customized CRM and E-Marketing training and support services.  Our certified consultants can provide your business with everything it needs to launch an effective CRM and E-Marketing initiative. Our client-centered approach includes:

  • Identifying the right technology and solution for your business.
  • Installing and customizing the chosen technology for your use.
  • Teaching your organization to use technology through our customized CRM training programs.
  • Providing tailored Billing and Support Programs to keep the technology working.
  • Keeping you informed of new and emerging technologies to help you maintain a competitive advantage.

After installation, we help you keep your CRM and E-Marketing solution running efficiently. Using remote help desk software and a network of Certified Consultants, we provide ongoing CRM and E-Marketing support to businesses nationwide.

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