Put your ACT Backups in the Cloud, for Free!

ACT Backups in the Cloud for Free – Protect Your ACT CRM Database

What if your computer were stolen, lost, or wiped out by a virus?  Or your auxiliary storage drive was stolen, destroyed or defective?  Your ACT database would be gone forever.  If you had your backups online “in the cloud“, you could always recover yesterday’s ACT! database backups “from the cloud”.   Here’s how to set that up FOR FREE!
Congratulations, you are now safe “in the cloud“!
Daniel Graves

Daniel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology. He designed and programmed the on-board Spacelab computer systems for NASA for 20 years. Daniel was the first programmer hired by American Healthways to create an Electronic Medical Record database which catapulted the startup company into the Fortune 500 within 6 years. He has been installing and customizing ACT since its Windows inception in 1991 is a Certified Consultant and Premier Trainer for all ACT software.

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3 comments on “Put your ACT Backups in the Cloud, for Free!
  1. David Shaw says:

    Typically the backup file is quite large and possibly 1GB or more.

    Isn’t this too much to upload to Dropbox etc in a reasonable time?

  2. Lori Feldman says:

    Daniel, I get asked this question so much! Thanks for posting this article on how to do cloud backups. David, if you diligently invite everyone you know to open a Dropbox account, you can build up your storage for free (in their affiliate program). For ex., I have 16gbs now in my account, mostly from sharing folders with friends, family and clients who didn’t have a Dropbox account.

  3. David, the beauty of this method is that the backup gets stored to your local hard drive, which is very fast. Then the cloud storage program works in the background, syncing that backup to the cloud, while you continue with other tasks. Even if you power down your computer, the background routine picks up where it left off, when you come back online.

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