5 Tips for Effective Email Blasts

Let’s face it, if your email blast doesn’t get opened, you aren’t going to get any traffic. Here are Effective Email Blasts tips to get your recipients to open, read, and respond to your email blast.

 1. A Good Subject Line is Key

The worst mistake you can make with your subject line is to make it salesy or read like an advertisement. If you provide what your readers expect, you build credibility and trust. That translates into higher opens over time because you don’t waste their time.

2. Do I Know You?

A message from Tom@YourCompany.com will have higher open rates than one from Advertising@YourCompany.com. Make sure your recipients recognize your name so that trust continues to build for you.

3. Get Personal

Swiftpage e-Marketing makes it easy to customize each recipient’s message via mail-merge fields. Addressing the email to the recipient’s first name and adding field data like “Companies in the [recipient’s industry field] industry realize these three benefits ….” goes a long way toward creating compelling, readable messaging. By doing this your reader will believe you are offering information tailored specifically to them. Who doesn’t want that?

 4. Tell Me Something Important

You should send email blasts when you have something important to say…not when you think it’s time to send a message. Readers will start looking forward to receiving your emails when you send them information they can really use to solve problems. You don’t want to lose them because you thought it was time to send them a message just because. By telling them something they can use each time, your open rates go up.

So now that your email blasts are getting opened and read, what do you need to do to generate the sales generating traffic?

5. Use Your Email Blast to Continue the Sales Process

The email blast is an easy way to drive the reader to your website/blog. When you create your email template, share only the first paragraph of content versus the entire article. Include a “read more” link which directs them to your website or blog where they can read the rest of the story and be led to a call-to-action special offer.  In addition to using “read the rest of the story here” links, you can also use links like:

  • “Register for the e-Course”
  • “Free Demo”
  • “Read what others are saying about this product”

As readers click on these links, Swiftpage e-Marketing will tally the results for you. You will be able to instantly tell which reader is interested in which articles or products, and exactly how interested they are by the number of times they click on each link.

The list shows you which prospects are hot, warm, and cold by the numbers, so next time you can include more of the content that works and less of the content that didn’t.

Test these tips in your next Swiftpage e-Marketing email blast and generate responsive website traffic in no time!

Lori Feldman shows sales professionals and business leaders how to squeeze more profit and more referrals from contacts they already have using drip marketing. Lori hasn't made a cold call in over 20 years because she practices what she preaches: Working from her ACT! Software database, she manages her company's sales pipeline with customized sales reports and follows up with "not now" sales prospects using Swiftpage drip marketing campaigns. To generate new prospects, she uses Swiftpage to drive traffic to her website and live events. It is Lori's strongly held belief that businesses that lack a contact management system or don't use database-driven drip marketing campaigns to follow up on sales opportunities will be rendered obsolete in the next 5 years. "The Database Marketing Hotwire," Lori's company newsletter, is a 2X winner of the APEX Award for newsletter writing excellence. Lori has been a mailing list broker and direct marketer for over 2 decades and is a recipient of the Direct Marketer of the Year Award from the DMA of St. Louis. She is also a popular speaker on drip marketing and CRM (customer relationship management).

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